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Bux Paolo - General Manager

  • Electrotechnical surveyor
  • Nuovo Pignone courses for automation systems
  • Master for ELEM's activity of training

Started with the mansion of technician, now has 10 years of experience in ELEM and has the title of General Manager.

Responsible for ELEM's growing targets, in the last 5 years has carried out this company to increase the incomes of about 900%, thanks to appropriate business plans and financing, and appreciably increasing the number of workers.

Spoken languages: Italian and English.


update: 2003/01/01

Rossini Tania - Accounting Administrator

  • Diploma
  • Many courses of accounting and administration

Since 2001, responsible of ELEM's accounting system.


update: 2003/01/01


Bux Giuseppe - Counselor for activity of SERVICE

  • Electronic technician
  • ENI courses
  • Nuovo Pignone courses

40 years of experience in Nuovo Pignone with the title electronic techician for oil & gas system automation.

Responsible for customer assistance for Nuovo Pignone oil & gas system automation.

Since 1965 developed activities of technical assistance in Pakistan, Syria, Algeria, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Portugal, Spain and Venezuela.

Spoken languages: Italian and English.

update: 2003/01/01




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