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We are sure that an highly trained operator is the best assurance for advanced performances.

The professional operator reduces the costs of maintenance, preserve the equipment, increases the safety on job and reduces the costs deriving from stopping the machines.

Our society, in the within of general agreements, trains technicians to assign to the maintenance of technological plants and to activity of service in Italy and to foreign countries, taking advantage from the collaboration of highly specialized teachers in the field of the industrial processes’ control and of rotary machines.

Our teachers boast of prestigious references and specific competences deriving give from years of “on job” experience at an international level.


Our programs are aimed to the purely technical formation: through lessons, on job training and laboratory activities, we want to strengthen the competences either of the simple operator and of the final user, but above all of specialized technicians.

In the within of formation ELEM supplies advanced training materials, including:

  • Training manuals
  • Computerized presentation of the treated topics
  • Final tests and evaluation forms in order to verify the understanding of the student
  • Final diploma for all the students who pass in satisfactory way the course

In the successive phase to the start-up, ELEM supplies activities of technical help desk.


Contact information:
ELEM - Training Center Division
Via dei Tintori, 11 - Zona Artigianale
70026 – Modugno (BA)
T: +39 080 5325365

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